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Kit Stephenson

Owner / Founder iLashWorks® Studio

Certified Lash Mastery Educator

Licenses and Certifications

  • Florida Full Specialist License.

  • Founding Member American Eyelash Association

  • Florida & International Proctor for ADFEE Certification

  • Certified Lash Mastery Educator

  • Owner iLashWorks Lash Studio

  • Certified Member of National Lashologist Council

  • Member of NEESA

  • International Award Winning Lash Artist

  • More than 30 years experience in the beauty industry

In 2010, I had been in the beauty industry for 28 years. I had seen fads come and go, and I had seen trends come and make a lasting impression. Lashes were coming into focus, and I saw an opportunity to enhance an industry that I was excited about. The people in the eyelash industry are amongst the few who love what they do and  I  became a part of that crowd. That's when I started iLashWorks. I was interested in growing as an artist and helping to raise the standards of excellence and quality. In other words, I was ready to " Go big, or go home". iLashWorks is a place where I can do what I love, and foster education about our growing industry.

"Kit Stephenson is an exceptional communicator and gifted teacher -… highly dedicated professional, stays up to date with ever changing techniques, products and technology…......humble, fun and approachable. "  

                            Johanna White Licensed Esthetician LPN

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